Know Us- Leticia & Peeyush

Hello there! You really want to know about us? Do you?

Okay! Well, we won’t disappoint you, as we love talking about ourselves and about each other. Not just love talking but we also love each other. *Winks*

By the end of this page, you would be knowing well enough to catch up directly with us. You would be able to relate with our posts better and laugh on our with us on our silliness and misadventures of our travels.

Know Leticia

A.K.A Lelé, she was born in Londrina, Brazil which in English would be “Little London”. Ever since she was kid, her only dream was to travel the world and learn new languages.

She studied fashion design for bachelors and did masters in International Marketing. After hopping from 2-3 fashion related jobs in Brazil itself, she finally decided to move to India to work for an export house based in Jaipur. It’s safe to say, India made her crazy because that’s where she met me.

Apart from English, Portuguese, French, she is fluent in being clumsy. When it comes to work, she is professional and is very particular about details. Being a Taurian, she loves to be around her friends and family. Sometimes it’s really impressive how she ends up making friends for life by meeting them just once or not even that. When she is traveling you would see her trying new cuisines, in fact, she just loves food ( well we both are).


This day in Tunis was amazing. She loves historical places.

Leticia’s 5 favorites :

  • Anything from Kate Spade ( She just love how cute and yet chic products they make)
  • Food, Desserts & more.
  • Perfumes, fragrances, and Aromatizers.
  • Social responsibility, Feminism, and helping others
  • Collecting Souvenirs from the world.

Know Peeyush

He was born and raised in Jaipur, the land of Maharajas, in India. He is nothing like Maharaja though but loves his hometown as it has some of the most beautiful historical sites in the world.

In India, people often say you decide about your life once you are done with engineering, so I did Mechanical Engineering. I love sports especially Athletics, but I also love food so yeah if you think my physique is nothing close to athletic, it’s the delicious Indian food to blame. Obsessed with Bollywood music, you will see him often shaking his leg when he is too happy or just in a chill mood.

Since childhood, he always wanted to do things which are not so usual in Indian households, like traveling, jumping off the plane or be it starting a business in 2 countries with no professional experience to back upon. And to add on to this now he is a Airplane Pilot and is currently living in Brazil

He is a big fan of Steve Jobs and has somewhat same kind of obsession with doing things his own way.  His favorite quote of all time is “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”


This is not in Greece, it’s in Tunisia

Peeyush’s 5 favorites :

  • Bollywood movies and dancing.
  • Flying Airplanes.
  • Exploring new countries.
  • Dogs and more dogs and their videos.
  • Social responsibility, Feminism, and helping others.
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