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5 Inspiring Movies Based On True Stories

5 inspiring movies based on true stories

Cinema plays a huge role in our society for a really long time now. Movies from around the world have inspired us in many ways. Some of these movies have changed lives. And others have brought the limelight to those on whom these movies are based. In this article below, we will share those, 5 Inspiring movies based on true stories which continue to push mankind and inspire millions of people.

This list of movies we have curated from different parts of the world. Each story has a different background and a unique inspirational message hidden in them. So let’s dive into these 5 inspiring movies based on true stories in no particular order.

Hidden Figures

Truly this movie is a beacon for women empowerment. Based on the real story of black female mathematicians in NASA in 1961. It tells the real-life story of Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughn. 3 black women who are employees at NASA between the 1950s and 1960s. A place that was developing technology advanced enough to send humanity to the moon. But that was lacking humanity back in its’ offices. Nothing less than human computers, these mathematicians helped America take a lead in Space Race held between then USSR and USA.

Hidden Figures | 5 Inspiring Movies Based On True Stories
Hidden Figures – Official Poster

The movie highlights several aspects of their daily routine life at NASA. Where they were discriminated based on their colour and were always considered less over white. But these women continued their fight. And showed us that nothing can stop us from achieving success if we stay focussed and fight for what is right. Not to mention they always followed the rules, and yet made a mark for them.

This movie highlights how they fought/dodged the system to pave their way to success. For a detailed review of this movie check out this blog.

The Imitation Game

With Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role, this movie is a perfect depiction of a real-life story. Based on the Biography “The Enigma” of great British mathematician Alan Turing.

The inspiring movie’ plot is during the second World War. Alan Turing was difficult, yet a brilliant mind. This movie highlights how this difficult man, somehow decodes the German code messages. It is because of this one man, Allies were able to take a lead on Nazis. It was his sheer brilliance which broke The Enigma.

The imitation game
The Imitation game, 5 Inspiring Movies Based On True Stories

The movie shows the challenges he faces while building this machine, with his co-workers and yet he finds success only to be later prosecuted for being Homosexual. It’s heart wrenching to see what he goes through in his life even after he played a key role in helping the Allies.

Life was unfair to him, but he made all the difference to the world. It is because of him we have fast computing machines which we call computers in the modern world. It is because of him we are able to do many complex tasks in our lives in the brink of seconds.

Manjhi – The Mountain Man

This is an Indian movie about a common man from a poor community from Bihar. Dashrath Manjhi was a labourer who used to live in a village named Gehlaur. His village was across a huge mountain and was lacking several basic facilities like drinking water and doctors. The nearest doctor from his village was around 55 km, which includes climbing and descending a huge rocky terrain.
Manjhi lost his wife to this mountain. And therefore he becomes determined to pave a way through this mountain so that no other people from his village suffers a loss due to the distance.

Dashrath Manjhi, on whom the movie is based.

He single handedly made this possible. The movie narrates how nobody supported him, made fun of him, called him a mad man, yet he never gave up on this will.

There is a famous quote from him – ” Never depend upon the God, what if, he is depending upon us”. It signifies that many times in our life, we tend to give up on things, our goals, thinking that this is what God or my destiny wants me to do. But that is not true. It is us who make our own destiny.

Queen Of Katwe

The inspiring movie based on the true story of Phiona Mutesi. Born and raised in one of the biggest slums, Katwe in Kampala, capital of Uganda. The movie highlights the her journey from a young girl from slums who went on to become one of the finest chess players not only in Uganda but in whole world.

The story showcases how her life gets transformed when she meets her coach, Robert Katende. Under his guidance she learns and excels the game of chess and becomes a top player in the group.
The movie also highlights how Phiona leads the Uganda team at the Chess Olympiad in Russia but unfortunately loses to her Canadian opponent. After which she decides to give up on chess. But eventually with support of people of Uganda, her coach and family , she makes her mark in the world of chess and went on to buy her own house for her family.
Isn’t this just perfect movie to seek inspiration. Doesn’t matter how many times you lose, what matters is how many times you get up and keep moving forward.


This is another Bollywood movie, which not only addresses a social issue but also highlights the sacrifices made by parents. Based on the real story of Mahavir Singh Phogat, a national winner wrestler from a village in Haryana, India.

Mahavir, who couldn’t fulfil his own dream of representing India in world wrestling, trains his daughters full-time to become world-class freestyle wrestlers. Apart from this, he also changed the perspective of the people from his state and India overall about women and their capabilities.
In India where, a lot of families wants only boy child, as they believe boys will run their families and bring glory to them. Mahavir changed this way of thinking and surprisingly, not only the sex-ratio improved in his state. But also a lot of families started sending their kids to play sports (men and women).
The story beautifully highlights that for him, nothing was more important than investing himself in making his girls their best versions.

5 Inspiring Movies Based On True Stories | Dangal
Dangal , Official poster

These are some of the many inspiring movies based on true stories from around the world. We love these movies. If you have watched all of them, let us know which one is your favourite. And if not, then which one you are going to watch.

You can read more about different cultures in our blog under Culture section.

 In this article below, we will share those, 5 Inspiring movies based on true stories which continue to push mankind and inspire millions of people.

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In this article below, we will share those, 5 Inspiring movies based on true stories which continue to push mankind and inspire millions of people.
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