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Gin and Tonic Recipe

Gin and Tonic is one of the easiest drink to make. This drink is perfect for all sorts of mood, occasion and even weather. Gin and Tonic are delicious and refreshing when it comes to taste. Gin and Tonic recipe can be topped with some Indian herbs, berries or even Tulsi ( Indian basil) in India.

History about Tonic and India

How was tonic water created? And why?
In the colonial times of India, under Britishers. To reduce the bitter taste of Quinine, medicine for Malaria, Tonic water was created. They started taking quinine powder mixed with soda and some sugar. This became popular as Tonic water, and eventually Gin and Tonic came into the picture.

The key to Gin and tonic recipe is the quality of Gin you are using. And also the additional flavours you are adding to make it taste better. This recipe is by our mixologist friend, Umang Kochar who is also from Jaipur.

Gin and Tonic Calories ( 1 glass 210 ML)

Yes! Tonic water has sugar and hence extra calories. A glass (210 ml) of gin and tonic has about 170 calories typically. It can vary on the tonic and the gin, but around the same range.

Ingredients we used:-

Note:- In India, we use Curry Leaves for several recipes of food. It is aromatic and green. You can skip it and add whichever fruits, berries or just lemon.

How To Make Gin and Tonic in 5 steps

1 – Add 30 or 60 ML of Gin in a Highball glass or cocktail glass.

Stranger and Sons Gin.|Gin and tonic recipe
Stranger and Sons Gin. Img-

2 – Add crushed ice or 4-5 small ice cubes to the gin.

3 – Now add the curry leaves/ Indian berries to the drink and leave it for some time.

4- Now add chilled Tonic to the drink and stir it well.

Svami Tonic Water|Gin and tonic recipe
Svami tonic water, cucumber flavour

5- Lol! The drink is already ready, this step I just added for fun. Haha!

Now enjoy your drink thinking about the beautiful outings with your friends. Or those happy hours after work. In 2020, it feels like a history already.

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