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5 Stereotypes All Brazilians Hate

5 Stereotypes All Brazilians Hate

Brazilllll! lalalala. Brazil! The song To Brazil by Vengaboys is the closest thing which all Indians from the 90s generation relate to whenever we mention anything about Brazil. There are so many stereotypes about this beautiful South American country all around the world. But in this article, I will mention those 5 stereotypes all Brazilians hate to hear from people.

Before I talk about them, I would like to mention, that some of these stereotypes are even hurtful to the Brazilian’s sentiments. After all, it’s not fair to see a country this big, with over 200 million people from different ethnicities with the same viewpoint.

5 Stereotypes all Brazilians Hate are as follows:

1. All Brazilians live a tropical life and amazon rainforest is a part of their daily life.

Amazon rainforest is the biggest rainforest in the world. Yes, around 60% of Brazil is under rainforest. But do you also know that Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world? So it means 40% of the land is still much bigger than many countries around the world. And no, not everyone lives in the areas of rainforest or a tropical life. In fact, Sao Paulo city is so developed and full of skyscrapers that it is in the top 10 world cities when it comes to GDP.

All Brazilians live a tropical life |5 Stereotypes All Brazilians Hate
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So just to be clear, Brazil is a tropical country but not all Brazilians live a tropical life and neither amazon rainforest is a part of their daily life.

2. Brazilian people speak Brazilian language or Spanish

Like seriously? where do these people come from?

Brazilian is not even a language which exists in the world. This is such a random stereotype, just because germans speak german, Spanish people speak Spanish or Arab people speak Arabic doesn’t mean Brazilian people speak Brazilian. They speak Portuguese. And no, not everyone who lives there is a Portuguese descendent. Many people also think because they are part of South America

3. Brazilian Girls are easy

This is such a bad stereotype, and I have heard this from most of my Brazilian friends who have travelled abroad. And the reason why many people think of this to be true is that they think Brazilian girls roam around in Bikinis and short clothes and the culture is too open.
This stereotype is so morally wrong and demeaning to all the Brazilian women. It is nothing but a big lie. Brazilian girls are independent. Yes, but are they easy to lure or something. Hell no! Just because Brazil has some really beautiful and famous models around the world. And because of some American movies which sexualise Brazilian women in general. Many people around the world are very drawn to the idea of getting laid in Brazil, but is that an easy thing to do? No. A Big no.

What the hell is wrong |5 Stereotypes All Brazilians Hate
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4. All Brazilian play football

This is the funniest stereotype in the list of “5 stereotypes Brazilians hate”. Yes. It’s one of the most popular sports in Latin America. And Brazil has won the highest number of Fifa World Cup. But seriously? Do you think a population this huge which is so diverse in their ethnicity and regions would just play 1 sport?
But I get it. They are so famous for their football, credit goes to some amazing legends they have produced when it comes to football like Pele, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. It’s easy to think that everyone plays football there. But that’s not true. In fact, they are really good in some other sports too, like volleyball, Capoeira, athletics and many more.

5. Brazil is extremely dangerous to live

Rio De Janeiro is a world-famous city. It is also famous for the drug mafia, and this is what is just projected by world news. People around the world have a perspective that the whole of Brazil is run or under the control of drug mafia and warlords. Everyone is Pablo Escobar.

Pablo Escobar| 5 Stereotypes All Brazilians Hate
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But when I travelled to Brazil for the first time, I never felt this. In fact, I think Brazilians are the most open-minded people and are fun-loving people. They have some amazing food, they are loud people just like us Indians. And they are very humble and caring people. I never felt unsafe in the places I stayed or travelled in brazil.

With that said, I am not saying that Brazil is 100% safe in all times and for everyone. Of course, there can be many bad incidents that can happen and have happened in the past, but to burn the name for the whole country just because of few incidents is not right.

In my opinion, these are the 5 Stereotypes all Brazilians hate. I am sure there are more and if you think I missed out on an important one. Do tell us in the comments. Also, if you think these stereotypes should be broken, please do share with your friends too.

5 stereotypes All Brazilians Hate
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5 Stereotypes All Brazilians Hate
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5 Stereotypes All Brazilians Hate
There are so many stereotypes about this beautiful South American country all around the world. But in this article, I will mention those 5 stereotypes all Brazilians hate to hear from people.
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