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10 Incredible Destinations in Asia

Looking for travel destinations which are not very traditional for the next vacation? Asia has countries with rich cultures, lots of history to tell and breathtaking landscapes. More than that, Asian countries are able to provide truly transformative experiences in the life of the visitor. A lot of people are enchanted by Indian fabrics, mouthwatering Thai food from Thailand, or been curious to know more about the Tibetan monks’ lifestyle, haven’t you? Asia is indeed a continent which, in addition to being great in extent, is enormous in its legacy and culture. Let’s discover 10 incredible destinations in Asia in this blog.

We are talking about the beginning of humanity, the territory where the earliest civilizations began to form, and above all a place with very different perspectives and traditions from the western world. Therefore, to know them is to have new experiences and to change mindsets. Continue reading to know about 10 amazing travel destinations on the Asian continent, all unusual and full of unique experiences worth checking out!


The countries of Asia account for one-third of the land surface. Asia as a continent is the largest, in land cover and also the most populous too. With almost 4.5 billion inhabitants, that’s where 60% of the world’s population live.

In addition, some of the first great civilizations in the world: the peoples of Mesopotamia, India and Ancient China were from the Asian continent. Among the major contributions to the Western culture we know today, are the manuscripts, the gunpowder, and also the roots of the major religions comes from Asian land.

Birthplace of Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Confucius and Buddha, Asia remains closely linked to ancient traditions and rites. Asian people love their native cultures, almost all countries still speak their native/ regional languages ​​and have kept theirthe customs intact in their territories.

Tourism in Asia is strong and attracts those who seek more exotic experiences. Despite of this, the continent’s economy is very diversified in each region:

  • In the Middle-east, the main source of wealth is the extraction of oil;
  • South-Asia, the economy still depends on family farming and the extraction of primary materials such as cotton and wheat;
  • There is North, Eastern Russia which also has an economic focus on the export of oil and natural gas;
  • Where in Far-East, China and Japan are world leaders for their industrial development and high technology;
  • In Central-Asia, the primary sector is still the main protagonist, mainly livestock and cotton production;
  • South-east Asia is quite diversified, with some countries focused on the primary sector, while others, such as Singapore, have significant industrial and technological growth.

When it comes to the climate, the Asian continent is a land of extremes. Depending on the region you visit, you may come across snowy mountains and chilly winds, or end up finding places that are the hot desert. The countries closest to the equator, such as Indonesia, are hot and rainy. And it doesn’t t stop there: Asia still also accounts for some Mediterranean and tropical climates in some regions.


So, did you want to pack and travel? All right, we understand. That’s why we have gathered 10 of the most interesting travel destinations on the Asian continent. Check it out below!


India is a country that stands out for many reasons. Oldest civilizations of the planet, full of colors, ancient temples, crowded streets, and strong spiritualism. In the northern cities, the trucks with beautiful and colorful art, auto-rickshaws or Tuk-Tuks and women in their beautiful ethnic saris and salwar kameez are very glitzy.

When you are planning a trip to India, there are few cities which should be on top of your list. If you are visiting north India and you are into historical places, cities like Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Delhi offers you an enriching experience of royal heritage. Going up the north , you can find various cities where you can enjoy the Himalayan ranges.

10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Safdarjung Tomb, New Delhi

In the south, Hyderabad the land of Nizams you can see millennial mosques, sacred cows in the streets and the famous monument named Charminar. To experience the Indian way of life, it is worth to visit Mumbai, an extremely crowded city full of shopping malls, museums, street performers and a hanging garden in Malabar Hills.

10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
The mountains of Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Contrasting with this backdrop is the tranquil Munnar, a hilly, green city full of shrines. Now, to immerse yourself in Indian culture and religion, the next mandatory stop in Kolkata. Beware: it can make a big impact on you! The city is one of the oldest cities in India, but also a place where wealth and extreme poverty go hand in hand.


The beauty of Southeast Asia is breathtaking. The countries and the thousands of islands in the region are among the most incredible ones on the planet. In Indonesia, it’s no different: the natural landscapes are stunning, but there are also modern and busy cities.

To get started, have a look at Bali, also known as “Isle of the Gods”. The destination is the most sought after in the region because of the paradisiacal beaches and the local mysticism. There are thousands of Hindu and Buddhist temples there, so the island has a strong spirituality.

10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Bali, Isle of Gods

The trip to Indonesia also deserves a passage through the island of Sumatra and its rainforest ombrophilous, which are World Heritage. Next to it, Java island fills its eyes with its contrasts: the island is the most populated and modern, especially in the capital Jakarta, but it is also full of ancient temples and customs.

The Borobudur Temple is one of the postcards and one of the most sought-after religious shrines in Southeast Asia. In the city of Yogyakarta, the tourist can also get to know the Prambanan Set, with more than 200 Hindu temples. To complete the experience, Indonesia is filled with volcanoes – some open for visits.


Mongolia is the land of millennial warriors, like the legendary Genghis Khan, who would have been able to cross the Great Wall and conquer China. To honor the emperor, the country built one of the largest statues in the world, which is located on the banks of the Tuul River and is 40 metres high.

The country is known for a historical immersion: steppes, ice canyons and mountains to lose sight of transport the tourist for another time. In fact, the country still has nomadic peoples and small pastoral villages.

Flaming Cliffs, Mongolia 10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Flaming Cliffs, Mongolia

Among the popular sights, it is worth visiting the Winter Palace of Bogd Khan, home of the eighth Buddha and filled with silk tapestries, furry animals and tents covered in snow leopard skins. In Bayanzag, there is the red cliffs, called Flaming Cliffs.

10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Somewhere in Mongolia

One of the World Heritage Sites, the Orkhon River Valley can close the trip with an enriching experience. At the heart of the country, families still live in gers – the traditional Mongolian hut – sleep on woolen blankets and migrate from time to time.


A trip to Thailand is unforgettable: their smells, flavors, colors and culture is so different that they take tourists to a whole new world. The country is blessed with alot of natural beauties, divine spirituality and a lot of mysticism.

To get to know all the nuances of this exotic country, pass by the fast-moving capital Bangkok and be amazed by tuk-tuks, colorful taxis, and lush Buddha and Hindu temples. To travel back in time, head to Ayutthaya, a city that looks like a lost kingdom, with millennial temples covered with tree roots and towering statues.

Further north, Chiang Rai is one of those travel destinations that makes a mark for the rest of your life. Surrounded by mountains and with several local villages, the city is famous for its elephant protection parks and Chiang Rai White Temple, with ancient mosaics mixed with contemporary sculptures are most imaginably beautiful.

Streets of Bangkok, Thailand
10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Streets of Bangkok, Thailand

After traveling back in time, having a deep contact with the Buddhist religion and getting emotional in the elephant sanctuaries, the tip is to know the deserted beaches of the south coast, with transparent waters in shades of green. A gastronomic itinerary is also welcome, as Thai cuisine is very characteristic and striking.


If you are looking for the best travel destinations in Asia, a trip to the Philippines could be the one. The place brings out the most adventurous side of the traveler, as it is a nook of volcanoes, hidden lagoons, hideous beaches, and the famous shipwrecks. We have listed out 7 reasons to visit the Philippines

One of the most amazing islands is Palawan, with paradisiacal beaches and cliffs. A little further north is the famous Coron Island. The stretch connecting the two can be visited via boats and lasts about 6 hours.

10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Clear Waters, Cebu City,Philippines

To the south, the main tourist attraction is Boracay Beach, one of the most famous in the Philippines. In this place, it is practically impossible not to get rid of all the negative energies, after all, the people are warm and the tourists are received with traditional songs and floral drinks. The extreme adventurous ones can have a thrilling diving experience with whales, sharks in Oslob on Cebu Island. Despite arousing the adrenaline of the traveler, the aquatic giants are docile and harmless. It is important to emphasize that the activity is regulated and accompanied by biologists so that there is no impact on the habitat of sharks.


Have you ever thought about taking a trip to Vietnam? The country is increasingly attracting un-conventional tourists and has become a sought-after destination in Asia. The major highlights of the country are the beautiful coastline and the very significant historical landscapes.

Somewhere in Hanoi city, Vietnam

This Asian country has some history. First of all, visit Hanoi, the capital that was iconic during the Vietnam War and witnessed the division of the country into a communist north and capitalist south. In the city, the colonial architecture and the temple Trấn Quốc are very attractive.

Rice Fields ,Vietnam

Another stopover is Hoi An, known as the city of lanterns. The historical center is a protected as a World Heritage Site. As you stroll through the streets of the city, the tourist immerses in a cosmopolitan and romantic atmosphere.

Also include in your list a trip to Huế, the imperial city. The feudal structures of the ancient capital of the Nguyễn dynasty – the last of the Vietnamese empire – makes traveler time travel to a few centuries back. This is where the Lost Purple City is , former residence of the emperors.


You probably know Nepal for its main tourist attraction: the majestic Mount Everest, with the highest peak on the planet. This place hosts a lot of trekkers and mountaineers from around the world, who try to challenge the strength of the Himalayas.

Annapurna Mountain range, Nepal

Although tourism is buzzing with this important attraction, Nepal is still a developing country with a growing infrastructure. However, the visit ensures a very deep connection with Indo-Nepalese culture. After the earthquake, the capital Kathmandu is still recovering from the damages to the historical sites.

Darbar Square , Kathmandu, Nepal

One suggestion is to do a Buddhist script for the temples, since the country is the home of the Buddha himself, who was born in the city of Lumbini. Therefore, Buddhism religion is quite strong in the territory, losing only to the Hindu people, who are the majority.

10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Lumbini, Nepal

In the south of the country, the highlights are safaris – which may even be on the back of an elephant – ideal for viewing crocodiles, rhinos, tigers and antelopes in Chitwan National Park.

10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Chitwan National Park, Nepal


If you are looking for a more rustic and understated destination in Southeast Asia, a trip to Laos is the best . The place ends up being overshadowed by the strong tourism in neighboring Thailand, so it is a bit cheaper than other countries on the mainland.

Laos enchants its visitors with beautiful temples, spectacular natural beauty and striking historical monuments. What is most striking in the territory is the preservation of ancient culture and ancient customs.

Due to its lack of industrialization in comparison to rest of the world, the country is one of the poorest in the world and mostly agricultural. One of the most visited cities is Luang Prabang, where tourists stroll through local handicraft shops and stumble across monks asking for food on the streets.

10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Tad Sae Waterfall, Luang Prabang, Laos

For the more adventurous, two obligatory points are Vang Vieng, where visitors descend the river in buoys and can still do climbing and various trails, and Thakhek, famous for the Thakhek Motorbike Loop. In the trips, the tourist passes through caves, mountains, rural villages and natural pools in scooters or motorcycles.


The great highlights of this small neighboring country of Thailand are the heritage of the ancient culture and the beautiful beaches. The country is still rebuilding from an intense civil war that has wiped out nearly one-third of its population. Traces of chaos contrast with Buddhist temples and calm landscapes.

In cities, tourists go through hundreds of monks, tuk-tuks and even elephants strolling the streets. In the capital Phnom Penh, the main attractions are the Royal Palace of the ancient King Norodom and the Silver Pagoda, which holds the national treasures, the Emerald Buddha and 5,000 precious metal plates on the ground.

10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Royal Palace, Phnom Penh.

Siem Reap is the city that receives the most visitors in the country. It gives access to the archaeological wonder of Angkor Wat, one of the greatest legacies of the Khmer Empire. The temples and monuments are so majestic that they are protected by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.

10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Inside Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The main one is Angkor Wat, so important to the culture of the country that it is stamped even on the Cambodian flag. Usually, the walk through the site is covered by the tuk-tuks which also passes through the sculpted faces of Bayon and the ruins covered with roots and trunks in Prasat Ta Prohm.


Famous for the Petronas Twin Towers, the two buildings that have already received the highest skyscraper title in the world, Malaysia is also one of the amazing travel destinations in Asia. This country is a place of Islamic concentration, an influence that can be seen in architecture and customs.

10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia
Lord Shiva Statue, Batu Caves, Malaysia

The capital Kuala Lumpur, in addition to harboring the twin towers, draws attention to modernity and ethnic diversity in its population. While passing through the city, be sure to visit the Batu Caves, the great caves that give access to the many Hindu temples of the mountains.

The Island of Borneo, covered with thick vegetation and enriched with fauna, is also worth a visit. The tourist has contact with orangutans and elephants, and if you take a stroll along the Kinabatangan River in Sandakan, there you can also spot huge crocodiles.


10 incredible destinations for vacations in Asia

All of these Asian travel destinations are exotic, and because of the vast differences from what we are accustomed to, they can lead to culture shock, especially if it’s your first time on the continent. So here are some tips to prepare for and travel more peacefully.


Most of the Asian countries require visas. Therefore, it is worthwhile to inform yourself before buying the tickets and keep the documents safely so you do not have problems. Each country can have different visa requirements depending on which country you are coming from, also the duration of the visa.


Most countries in Asia preserve their original language. Therefore, the most common language in India is Hindi; in China, is Chinese; in Thailand, Thai; and so on. So unless you’re an excellent polyglot, the tip is to learn English and communicate in the universal language. Some ancient or small cities can be a trouble when it comes to communicating, so always carry guides, maps etc.


Before closing your bags, check which of these travel destinations require vaccination against some pathogens. In this case, the tourist must enter the country with an international vaccination certificate. It is also suggested to always travel with travel insurance, in case of medical emergency it comes out really handy and life savior.

We hope you enjoy traveling to these destinations and if you have more places in these countries which are also very exotic to visit, also if you have any other recommendation about a certain country which we missed out do share it with us.

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